Do you know how to reuse your capsules?

What’s Klapcap?

Klapcap® is a domestic capsule refiller which has been designed, patented and produced in Spain, that lets us reuse Nespresso® compatible plastic capsules. It can be used as a substitute or a complement to the regular capsules we buy.

With Klapcap®, you can also prepare your capsules to make INFUSIONS, giving your Nespresso® coffee machine a new use.

Prepare a coffee

Reuse the càpsules

Prepare an infusion

Alex Mesa, Inventor de Klapcap®

Christmas morning, about 4 years ago, Alex found his mother trying to refill a capsule in the kitchen… They had ran out of coffee capsules and all the stores were closed!

It was then when Alex decided to find a solution that would allow him to stop depending on buying capsules to have his coffee.

Years of teamwork, sharing knowledge, personal and professional experience, curiosity and solutions, led a product that breaks up with the traditional model of capsule-based coffee and infusion consumption.

We want to share all that we have learned and achieved these years. We want to offer everyone the chance to choose the quality of the product they want, how much they want to save and the chance to protect the environment while doing so.

I can choose, Can you?