What grain size of coffee should I use when using Klapcap?

Klapcap® ® recommends a “traditional” grain size as the one used in regular coffee machines. Depending on the grain size of the coffee, you will have to compress the product more or less inside the capsule. The thinner the grain, the less we should compress it.

My coffee maker stops and coffee does not come out, what is happening?

· Maybe you compressed the coffee too much inside the capsule. In this case, we recommend trying again with a new capsule without applying so much pressure. It is a manual process that takes a little practice.
· The coffee grain is too thin. If coffee is ground too thin, when we press it inside the capsule we may compress it too much for water to go through it and our coffee machine may get clogged. In this case, remove the capsule from the machine and get some coarser grain coffee.

How many capsules can I fill with 250gr of coffee?

Each capsule can hold 5 gr of coffee without compacting it too much. With a 250 gr coffee package you can fill up to 5 capsules.

How much infusion can I put inside a capsule?

Not all herbs/infusions swell alike when in contact with hot water. To avoid it could put too much pressure on the aluminum foil and obstruct the machine, we recommend filling the capsule up to the upper 2 marks.

What is the best size the leaves/chunks of infusion need to have to use them with Klapcap® ?

It’s very common to find infusions where you can easily recognize the ingredients thanks to the size of the leaves or the chucks we see. When using Klapcap® , all you have to take into account is not to use infusions that are too fine-grained, just like when using coffee, so your machine does not get clogged.

I want to use Klapcap® to prepare coffee and infusions. How can I do it if there is just one container?

We recommend using Klapcap®´s container for coffee so you can easily press it. We recommend saving your infusions in jars or bags that allow you to fill your capsules directly from them by using your fingers just as if you were using a teaspoon.

When I make an infusion right after making a coffee, it tastes like coffee. How can I avoid this?

There’s always some remaining product left inside your machine’s system when you prepare your drink. To avoid getting flavours mixed up, we recommend letting water run without a capsule on your machine before preparing your next drink. You can either do this right after preparing your drink or before you prepare your next drink.

How many times can I reuse a capsule?

You can use the capsules you get when buying Klapcap® for as many times as you like. They may get dark after a while due to the contact with the product but that’s no reason to throw them away. We recommend not to let them sit on the used capsules container for too long and throw them away when they crack or break. Don’t forget to recycle them with rest of the plastic.

The bottom of the capsule goes a little bit inwards. Is that a problem?

Not at all. The capsules delivered with Klapcap® can be reused because the punches of the machine do not pierce the capsule. The water pressure pushes the bottom of the capsule to open the pre-made holes and flow through them to make the coffee. You can leave it as it is or revert it to its original position.

Can I use other plastic capsules with Klapcap® ?

We recommend using the capsules supplied with the product or the ones supplied by Klapcap® to guarantee Klapcap®’s optimal operation. There are many Nespresso compatible plastic capsules that the machine does not pierce on its bottom part that also work well with Klapcap®. We just have to get rid of the aluminum, plastic and remaining adhesives, clean it and let it dry.

Is the aluminum foil used with Klapcap® special?

No, It’s regular aluminum foil, the kind we usually have at home. There are many brands that make and sell aluminum foil. Klapcap® recommends using good quality foil that complies with current health regulations.

Is the use of aluminum foil a risk to my health?

The use of aluminum foil is not health damaging at all. It’s a material that’s commonly used to protect and preserve food as well as pans, cutlery, kitchen utensils, etc. There have been many false statements regarding the use of aluminum foil. You can check the information given by the OCU about this subject at the following link https://www.ocu.org/tecnologia/internet-telefonia/informe/recopilacion-bulos/el-bulo-del-papel-de-aluminio

What side of the aluminum foil should be in contact with the coffee? The shiny or the matte?

It does not matter at all, you may use either side. Aluminun foil has a shiny and a matte side due to a process it goes under when it’s produced. The objective of this process is to give the foil some more resistance so it does not tear so easily due to its thinness.

Why Klapcap® and not any other system?

Klapcap® is unique. There is no other system in the world that helps you reuse a capsule for as many times as you want. You will only need some aluminum foil and your favourite coffee/ infusion.

What kind of adhesive does Klapcap® use to seal the capsule?

None at all, which has several advantages:

· There will not be any undesired chemicals in our coffee.
· There will be no remaining adhesives to clean up before reusing the capsule.
· It helps our coffee machine avoid overloads due to over-pressed coffee. In the given case our coffee was too compressed inside the capsule, our machine would not overheat for the aluminum foil is not glued to the capsule.

My coffee maker is leaking water. Why is this happening?

This may be something common at the start until we find the perfect point of grinding and compactness for our coffee. That small leak, guarantees our coffee maker will not overheat.

Don’t try to solve this problem using a rubber gasket or other gadgets for you could damage your machine.

How often should I clean the used capsules deposit?

Scientific studies prove that large amounts of health damaging bacteria may breed in the used capsule container of our coffee machines. We recommend cleaning it as often as possible.

Klapcap® helps you remember this every time you have to open the container to recover the capsules you can now reuse.