With Klapcap®
you’ll be able 
to refill over

3.000 capsules 

a year

Coffee & Tea

With Klapcap®
your capsules
are ready in
15 secons

SIMPLE Klapcap® is a safe and easy system that anyone can use at home. No batteries, no power supply required.

CLEAN It doesn’t get your kitchen dirty and you don’t waste any product in the process

FAST Capsules are ready in 15 seconds. Easy everyday use as regular capsules.

SUSTAINABLE It helps us reduce the impact of the consumption of coffee capsules on the environment.

COMPACT It takes up very little space in your kitchen

ATRACTIVE Its sleek design makes it a perfect gift for anyone that owns a Nespresso® coffee maker.

AFFORDABLE Klapcap® has a very competitive price so we can all start saving preparing our capsules.

REINVENT YOUR COFFEE MAKER Use your Nespresso® coffee maker to make your infusions in a fast and easy way. Klapcap® lets you equally prepare your capsules to make coffee or infusions.

CHOOSE It lets you choose the kind or type of coffee or infusion you want anytime. You can use your favourite brand of ground coffee and buy your infusion from your regular shop.

SAVE You can choose at what price you buy your coffee or infusions, you get to decide how much you want to save or spend. Klapcap® lets you save up to an 80% of the money you usually pay for having a coffee.

PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT Klapcap® lets you reuse your capsules. This way you don’t throw away a capsule every time you have a coffee or infusion.

Klapcap® has been invented, designed and patented in Barcelona by a professional team specialized in the design of industrial products.

Klapcap® has been subjected to various quality tests to guarantee its resistance and durability. One Klapcap® alone has been able to refill over 3000 capsules in a year!!!

Klapcap® is entirely made in Barcelona under the surveillance of the people that created it, the same people that works every day to be able to offer a high quality product.